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   Debbi Snax is a true Georgia peach, born and raised in Atlanta. She has been submerged in the rich heritage of the South her entire life. Her family's entrepreneurial spirit fostered her early artistic endeavors, inspiring her to pursue a career in the arts.


   Debbi studied Fine Art and Digital Art in college from 2008-2011. Beginning at Georgia State University and completing her studies at Full Sail University. In 2012, Debbi made a life-altering decision to pivot away from academia and dive headfirst into the world of body art. After a year-long apprenticeship, she received her first body artist license in 2013. As her tattooing skills advanced, Debbi's artistic vision expanded to encompass larger-scale projects. Driven by a desire for new creative challenges, she secured her first significant mural commission in 2016. Officially marking her transition into the realm of public art.


    Since then, Debbi's creative touch has been highly sought after, leading to collaborations with local gems and global giants like Nike and Toyota. Her artistic vision is evident in an expanding array of impactful installations, murals, and body art that adorn her community. Debbi's tattoo style has significantly influenced the industry, offering a unique take on "traditional" tattooing that elevates Black representation. Her work challenges the lack of diversity and propels the culture forward into the future.


    Taking a bold step forward in 2023, Debbi launched her own private art studio, fulfilling a lifelong ambition. Her artistic career has flourished, expanding in scope and is taking on exciting new dimensions. Fueling her creative spirit, Debbi finds deep satisfaction in crafting and conveying visual messages through art, contributing her unique voice to the vibrant cultural landscape of Atlanta.

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